Fantasy Wrestling Rumble initial season is officially over

Congratulations to AdamBubba - winner of FWR Royal Rumble season. We take a look at what happened in the season and what’s more to come.


We have a winner


Thanks to all 562 users who have taken part in the game.  Congratulations to AdamBubba was able to assemble and manage the best roster of WWE superstars. His long term strategy helped him to finish on the top of the rankings for the three months between Survivor Series and Royal Rumble. His roster  Big Bub's Sweaty Men ended with 930.375 points and comfortable lead over his opponents. He was also the #1 finisher is FWR biggest league - SquaredCircle with 143 users.

TheFredMan ended the season with impressive spot on picks and had the top scoring roster for Gameweek 11 with 208.313 points. This has moved him six spots in the overall ranking and earned his roster  Chow One the second place for the season.

Next the three rosters completing the top 5 in the overall ranking were divided by just less than 7 points.

FWR Royal Rumble Season top 5 finishers:

Rank Roster name User GW TOT MOV
1 Bubs' Big Sweaty Men AdamBubba 165.125 930.375    0
2 Chow One TheFredMan 208.313 895.813 +6
3 Legit Boss RandoRousey 126.000 844.375  -1
4 Woken Worriers WokenMinty 129.875 843.688  -1
5 Brother-Pedro Elkripper 139.500 837.625    0



The numbers don't lie


We will dig up in some stats and take a look at which WWE superstars got most points in Fantasy Wrestling Rumble and what we have learned.

As it was FWR Royal Rumble season it was no surprise the top scoring superstar in the game was the Royal Rumble winner himself - Seth Rollins ($10.3).  The Architect proved his top priced superstars status and popularity among players and finished with 121.25 points. Rollins is also tied with Daniel Bryan for finishing among the eight top scorers for the gameweek most times – 5 out of 11 gameweeks.

Just few points behind him with 119.00 points was Ronda Rousey ($8.3), leading the way for female wrestlers. The ladies were among the picks with most value in FWR, and we will possibly see them priced closer to the top tier superstar in the forthcoming seasons. Ronda is also the wrestler with the best win percentage who have wrestled more than 3 matches during the season. She ended with W% of 90.91% losing just one tag match on Raw.

One top scorer few expected (including us) is Baron Corbin. Priced just $7.5 in the beginning of the season he was the choice with most value in FWR. The Constable payed off big to all users who picked him. His General Manager role around Survivor Series and recent main event push helped him end as the third top scoring superstar with 118.00 points.

Brand split is big part of FWR strategy. SmackDown superstars had fallen back this season but Daniel Bryan ($10.3) was able to defend the pride of the blue show, ending with 109.88 points. This FWR season was marked by his WWE Chapionship win and current title reign so it's now surprise he proved his place as second top priced SmackDown superstar and finished among top scorers.



What's more to come

Fantasy Wrestling Rumble is taking a break until after WrestleMaina. We will wait for the dates of the PPVs after WrestlerMania to be determined and around the end of April a new season will be announced.  Next season will most likely also be lasting for around three months and ending the week after SummerSlam. Until then you can check out the website and follow Fantasy Wrestling Rumble profiles on Twitter and Reddit for official announcements. 

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