New Year is starting with some fresh changes for Fantasy Wrestling Rumble

Mustafa Ali moved to SmackDown. New championship added. NXT superstars debuting soon.

Given the recent  announcements by WWE  and events on the last episodes, some changes that may affect FWR gameplay will take palce.


Mustafa Ali is officially moved to SmackDown as of the start of GW 7. After appearing on the last few episodes of SmackDown and  have said goodbay to 205 Live on the December 26 episode, Ali is now labeled as SmackDown superstar on Fantasy Wrestling Rumble. This means that rosters aready having him may end up with 6 superstars form SmackDown. As per FWR rules they will have to select superstar form other brand if making any draft changes.


The Women's Tag Team Championship announced by Mr. McMahon on the December 24 episode of  is now added to all other championshps that may earn your roster some addtional points.

Championship points are earned as follows:

Title Title win Title defense
Universal Championship 10 2
WWE Championship 10 2
Raw Women's Championship 5 1
SmackDown Women's Championship 5 1
Intercontinental Championship 5 1
United States Championship 5 1
Raw Tag Team Championship 5 1
SmackDown Tag Team Championship 5 1
WWE Cruiserweight Championship 5 1
Women's Tag Team Championship 5 1


Some new superstars will be added to Fantasy Wrestling Rumble. WWE have announced NXT wrestlers  would be debuting to the main roster. Lars Sullivan, EC3, Lacey Evans, Nikki Corss, Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight will be available to pick as soon as the brand they will be part of is clear. That may very likely be after their first appearance on the WWE live shows.

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