At Gorilla Position: GW3

Ahead of the third gameweek of the season we take a look at some candidates to be considered for your roster selection.

Gran Metalik  ($6.5)

205 Live keeps producing one of the top scorers each week, but rotation of the wrestlers featured in matches weekly makes cruiserweight picks a risk in the long run. Lucha House Party free agent status and appearances on Raw helps the overcome this issue and have made them ones of the most valuable picks. Gran Metalik even made super rare three match participations in a single gameweek. He looks like someone who can be the focus of the group and his price definitely won’t be staying at $6.5 for long.


Buddy Murphy ($7.6) 

The Juggernaut was already announced for main event tag team action at 205 Live next week. He has good chance winning this bout given the fact that both of his opponents have recently challenged him for the title. It’s still to be seen whether the Cruiserwight Championship will be defended on TLC, but as a champion Murphy has also a good chance of PPV appearance and is a reliable long term pick.


Nia Jax  ($7.0)

WWE has taken the opportunity in making Becky’s injury working for the samoan.  Recenty branded as  “The Facebreaker”,  she’s challenging Ronda Rousey at TLC, which offers a great value. It’s highly like Nia will keep dominanting in the weeks to come to be able to look as a possible threat for the unbeaten champion.


Rezar  ($7.0)

After what may looked as fluke loss last week The AOP are scheduled to defend their titles on Raw. They will be looking to even the score with Roode and Gable and to get retribution for Drake Maverick's humiliation.   It’s the monstrous duo fisrt title defence and they’re presumably keeping the gold.  Valued at $7.0 Razar is the more valuable pick as his partner has already seen a price raise.  He's most likely awaiting the same fate so you shoud not think twice before getting him in your roster.


Seth Rollins ($10.0)

Well, we will go with one of the more obvious this time. If you look for a top price tier, mainventer pick, Seth Rollins is definitely your man. With the absence of Braun Strowman, it looks like the former Shield members will be the cornerstone of Monday nights. This makes The Kingslayer a great source of main event points for the next weeks. Seth is booked in one of the main matches for the next PPV and many see in him a possible replacement for Roman as the top guy in the company.


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