At Gorilla Position: GW2

Each week Fantasy Wrestling Rumble will help players prepare their roster. Ben Vlam shares his opinion with some promising options for Gameweek 2.

Pick ups


Charlotte Flair ($8.1)

With Becky Lynch’s untimely injury at the hands of Nia Jax, Charlotte has been thrusted into the spotlight at Survivor Series. Beyond that, it is ruored that Charlotte can be beating Ronda Rousey this Sunday, making her a very lucrative pickup. The only downside with this pick is the possible fall from spotlight once Becky comes back. Still, I think that this is one of the best pickups you can make going into Gameweek 2. 


Ruby Riot ($7.0)

 At 11.5% owned, Ruby Riott could be the pickup that puts your team over the edge. She is participating in Sunday's female Survivor Series match up, the leader of a faction, and is in a program with Natalya. As mentioned above, half of players need a quick replacement for Becky Lynch, and Ruby Riott is safe to fill that role in Gameweek 2. 


Kalisto ($6.0)

Kalisto finished week one as one of the highest scorers in week one. His involvement in the survivor series buildup, and his dual appearances on Raw and 205 Live makes him a no brainer. I predict that he will have a great Sunday, and be one of the next challengers for the cruiserweight title. Beware his high bust potential as his future appearances on Raw may be limited. 


Big Show ($7.5)

All right, I know, Big Show? Really? I am serious about this, Big Show will have some relevance in GW 2. It seems he is going to stay in his role as the Bars….. Something? Hired hand? Regardless, he will be at the big match on Sunday, and should be with the team going forward. It is safe to pick him up until the two parties split. 


Authors of Pain ($7.0)

AOP are seemingly finally getting the push they deserved months back. With the titles now firmly in thier hands, there is no reason why you shouldn't pick up a duo that will terrorize the tag division for months to come. They have a big match on Sunday, and should continue rolling through jobbers come Monday.  


Bobby Roode ($7.5) and Chad Gable ($7.0)

Quite possible the future rivals of my last pick, these two gentleman won a “huge” battle royal. Huge for our purposes, causal fans….. Not so much. Regardless, these guys are leading team Raws tag team coalition on Sunday, and look to play a major role in the matchup. They are a high bust pick up after Survivor Series, but do have a chance to have a lasting staying power. 




Becky Lynch ($8.0)

Sadly, what has been one of the most anticipated women's matches in recent memory, has been shut down by Nia Jax or as Dave Meltzer would call her, Peyton Royce. With Lynch out, she is safe to replace for GW2 and possible GW3 but you will want her back, as she is going to continue steamrolling through Smackdown's roster. 


AJ Styles ($11.0)

After his loss to Daniel Bryan, Styles value has plummeted. He is not going to see any action at Survivor Series, and another possible loss on Smackdown, although it will be a high profile one. Look to pick him up later down the road, but for this week, he won’t be worth his price tag. 

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