Fantasy Wrestling Rumble tips: Most popular superstars everyone's picking

A closer look at which Fantasy Wrestling Rumble superstars have been selected most ahead of GW1

There is still one week to go before the start of the Survivor Series / Royal Rumble season and all players still have unlimited draft picks, but some superstars definetly have made an impression on the Fantasy Wrestling Rubmble users. We take a look at the most popular picks ahead of GW1.


Becky Lynch - $8.0

Becky’s wild popularity in the WWE Universe seems to also be shifting to FWR. Almost half of all users (47.8%) have picked the Women’s SmackDown Champion in their rosters.

The Lass Kicker has been on fire lately and WWE management has reportedly been impressed by her performance, so her choice definitely makes sense. Plus she’s one of the superstars with already announced match for Survivor Series. 


R-Truth - $6.0

The Truth had been wandering in WWE’s roster for a while but since his pairing with Carmella around Mixed Match Challenge, he had things going his way. He opened SmackDown 1000 and even danced with the boss himself.

Valuing him for just $6.0 may seem as mismatch? Well, 36.6% of the users seem to think that way. 


Elias - $8.0

Elias is also someone who has taken a twist in his character. Recently turned face, the rockstar is likely to be getting some momentum.

Around a third from all users (32.8%) had chosen to walk with Elias. 


Nia Jax - $7.0

Nia secured herself a shot at the Raw Women Championship winning battle royal at Evolution. With next PPV being Survivor Series it is still to be seen when she will get her chance, but the samoan is likely to be kept looking strong till then. 

28.4 % of players saw a good opportunity in her and noone can blame them. 


Ronda Rousey - $8.0

Speaking for the Raw Women Championship the champ has already been booked for the next PPV. Valued $8.0 makes her a good affordable choice for one of your roster’s top picks.

Ronda has been absolute dominant in the women’s division since her debut, so it’s no surprise that she is quite a popular choice with 26.1% of users picking her. 


Drew McIntyre - $10.0

The scotsman has been a force to be reckoned with on RAW since debuting from NXT. He has been constantly around the main event picture and many see in him a future title contender and why not champion.

He is the most popular choice from the top tier superstars, featured in 22.4% of the rosters. 


Buddy Murphy - $7.5

With some additional points coming for title defences, it’s always good to have a champion in your roster. 22.4 % of users have found their choice in the cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy.

He’s almost guaranteed a main event spot when wrestling on 205 Live, while he is the champ, so this seems as reasonable choice.


 Mustafa Ali - $7.0

If you can’t get the champion – get the contender. That may be even a better opportunity and 21.6% of rosters had gone for it.

Ali has been putting great performances lately and constantly looked as one the top stars in 205 Live, so if you have $7.0 to spend look no further.


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