SummerSlam 2019 season has officially ended. FWR will be back in October.

Fantasy Wrestling Rrumble Champion crowned 

Congratulations to AspiringTransponster from Great Britain who was able to beat more than 450 players to be crowned the overall winner of Fantasy Wrestling Rumble SummerSlam’19 season. His roster ChickenHeelsInc captured the incredible 1,229.375 points, finishing a little more than 80 pts above his nearest rival.

The next 3 finishers who have proven great expertise in WWE booking and ensembled a balanced cast of talent were divided by less than 10 points.


Rank Roster name User   TOT      
1 ChickenHeelsInc AspiringTransponster   1,229.375      
2 Roster of Doom Bac7281   1,147.375      
3 The King Brand KingBarBars   1,138.938      
4 black hammer abdisaid   1,137.500      
5 Batista is Down! Tunsie   1,108.625      



The numbers don't lie

The Wild Card Rule has really reflected the scoring in the season and this can be noticed looking at the top scoring superstars. The two world champions of the company were the most featured “Wild Cards” and ended up on the top of the scoreboard by a good margin.

For a second season in a row WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins finished as the top scoring wrestler, racking up 221.5 pts. He is followed by Kofi Kingston (206.5 pts) proving WWE are really booking their champions as the top stars of the company.

Current rivals Kevin Owens (147.5 pts) and Shane McMahon (143.5 pts) and FWR debutante Ricochet (140.25 pts) complete the top 5 scoring superstars. The self proclaimed “Best In The World” has at least proven to be the best value for your money and the most common commodity around FWR players and is likely to be seen priced higher in the next season.


Name Brand $ SB% TS
Seth Rollins
Male Wrestler
Raw $11.2 22.7% 221.500
Kofi Kingston
Male Wrestler
SmackDown $10.5 13.1% 206.500
Kevin Owens
Male Wrestler
SmackDown $9.4 23.1% 147.500
Shane McMahon
Free Agent $7.0 40.1% 143.500
Male Wrestler
Raw $8.6 25.1% 140.250



Survivor Series '19 season coming in October

Fantasy Wrestling Rumble is taking a break for around one month. We will take some time to see where WWE storylines, the Wild Card Rule, 205 Live and NXT live show on USA Network will be heading. The latest two are likely to bring some tangible changes to the game.

Survivor Series ‘19 season will most likely open with Hell In A Cell and last around the usual three months until the end of the year. An official announcement will be coming soon. Meanwhile, you can check the website and follow Fantasy Wrestling Rumble on Twitter and Reddit.

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